This collection of personal memorabilia is AMAZING! ONLY available at The Gilded Willow. It includes hand-written cards, leather bound journal, All Access Tour Badges from past tours, Bound Tour Itineraries, original Polaroids from Steven Tyler’s wedding, signed book, and much more. Here’s the personal story of the seller of this collection, Sharon Herne (Beloved wife of Bob Herne, 1947-2011):

“In the mid 1980’s my husband, Bob Herne, was working as a therapist at McLean’s Psychiatric Hospital in Belmont, MA. Steven Tyler was a patient there at the time, working on sobriety. My husband was apparently the only one at the hospital who wasn’t letting Steven get away with anything just because of who he was.

Steven took an instant liking to Bob and so began a 26-year friendship that lasted until my husbands passing in 2011. Bob was Stevens trusted friend and advisor, often touring with Steven to support him in his sobriety; which meant the world to Steven. They were close and respected each other deeply.”

This collection contains personal exchanges between the two of them, items from the tours, and memorabilia special to the two of themAEROSMITH & STEVEN TYLER FANS...

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