The Christmas Sleigh 

The sleigh displayed in the window of The Gilded Willow is celebrating its 35th Christmas season. 

When I was five years old, WFSC Radio, along with local merchants, held “The Great Sleigh Give-Away.” At five, I was mesmerized by the thought of winning such an amazing prize. The sleigh was filled to the top with gifts from local merchants. Many days, while my mother shopped, I sat at the counter of the Jack and Jill Shop and wrote my name and phone number on as many entry slips as they would give me. Imagine my delight when we received the call I had won “The Great Sleigh Give-Away!”

Throughout the years the sleigh has been in many Christmas Parades in Franklin. It has adorned my parents yard decorated in lights and filled with presents and it has moved with me so my son could enjoy it during the holidays. 

The theme of The Gilded Willow is “Bringing the past to the present”, so I thought this year, on its 35th anniversary, the sleigh should be once again be shared with the Town of Franklin. So we moved it from my home in Watkinsville, Georgia, back to Franklin. 

The wear and tear of time had taken a bit of a toll on the paint but the sleigh was still in excellent condition. I spent some time touching up the paint and it’s now back to its original pristine condition. Stop by The Gilded Willow to see it in our front window. 

I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Spirit the sleigh brings with it.

Christina Tilson Shook,
The Gilded Willow

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