Teapots are a Southern staple

Teapots have made their way around the world from China to Japan to Europe and on to America. The first teapots are believed to have been created in the 1500’s, although much different than today’s designs. The Ming Dynasty, in the 1600’s, brought the teapot into society and set a trend for the designs that have lasted centuries. It wasn’t until the 1800’s the teapot started making a larger presence in America. Throughout the early 1900’s, teapots became very popular, especially with the creation of the tea bag for brewing tea.

Teapots of all designs, simple and ornate, have become a classic welcoming symbol of the south. Whether it’s to welcome your new neighbor, catch up with an old friend, or celebrate a bride, tea and beautiful teapots make a warm and welcoming setting.

Come into The Gilded Willow to see our fine selection of antique, vintage, and modern teapots. We are sure to have one that suits your style and personality. Also, check back soon for a post of the amazing teacups we have available!

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