Farm Table

Farm tables date back to medieval times when a long slender table with bench seating was convenient to feed many in one sitting. The early settlers adopted the style because of its practicality. Not only was it a comforting place to gather for family meals, but it served as a place for food preparation, canning, counter needs, and even as a work bench. White pine was abundant during these times so most farm tables were made of pine planks on a simple 4-leg base.

The farm table has made its come back in modern times as we search to simplify life in style. Regardless of the era, a farm table provides the same use and purpose. A warm, relaxing, and inviting place for family and friends to gather, share a meal, and fellowship with one another.

This locally made, one-of-a-kind farm table is custom crafted from wormy oak and wormy chestnut to provide a hard surface and unique characteristics. Reminiscent of the colonial times, the benches are of heart pine. What makes this farm table even more unique is the staining and finishing process. The craftsman used a specially created rust stain to create color variations throughout the different woods. The same stain is used on all the surfaces, but depending on the wood, the colors will set in different tones. The result is a beautiful creation that will not only serve your dining needs, but also be a conversation piece for your guests to enjoy.

Interested in this table? Tell us you saw it on our website and we’ll give you 25% off the purchase of this table.

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